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  • Professional Seminars

    These are available to Licensed Professional Counselors, Social Workers and Psychologists.  EMERGE is a provider for the Ohio Psychological Association and the Counselor, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy Boards of Ohio.  These seminars will provide continuing education credits (CEU) for those who meet the board(s) criteria.  Each seminar will vary in credit hours that are offered.  These trainings are professional trainings and will always cover one of the following elements listed below.  We will offer a Supervision seminar and an Ethics seminar yearly. 

    Human Growth and Development
    Counseling Theory
    Counseling Techniques
    Group Dynamics, Processing and Counseling
    Appraisal of Individuals
    Research and Evaluation
    Professional, Legal and Ethical Responsibilities
    Social and Cultural Foundations
    Lifestyles and Career Development
    Clinical Psychopathology, Personality and Abnormal Behavior
    Evaluation of Mental and Emotional Status
    Diagnosis of Mental and Emotional Disorders
    Methods of Intervention and Prevention of Mental and Emotional Disorders
    Treatment of Mental and Emotional Disorders

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